Why Somalia stands with Turkey over Arab League resolution

October 13, 2019 (AO) – Somalia has held back its endorsement of a resolution condemning the Turkish invasion into Syria and subsequent sanctions noting Mogadishu and Ankara were ‘friends’.

The Arab League unanimously approved a communique Saturday condemning the Turkish incursion into northern Syria but Somalia and Qatar, both allies of Turkey filed a contrary opinion.

Somalia Chargé d’affaires in Egypt Tawfiq Ahmed Abdullah said his country and Turkey were ‘friendly’. Abdullahi was quoted by Al-Jazeera network saying Turkey had supported Somalia immensely over the years. “Turkey has given a lot to the Somali government and people through its contribution in building all government institutions after years of crises and civil war,” Abdullahi said.

“You (Arab League) continued and you are still on the side of the Somali people as they recover from this crisis. Friendly countries such as Turkey have also supported Somalia in rehabilitating Somalia army and strengthening its capacity too,” the Somali diplomat said.

According to the communique, the Arab League proposed sanctions against Turkey covering economic, tourism and political sectors.

Both Germany and France have suspended arms trade with Turkey following the incursion. Turkey said Friday it had captured the key border town of Rasulayn, located east of the Euphrates.