October 14, 2019 (AO) artclar:-  My talk earlier this morning about the Somalia security sector: The Somalia government has no real army of its own as such. The so-called army consisting of former Civil War young militia foot soldiers and Siad Barre-era old officers is funded, financed and facilitated (even trained and sustained) by the international community (both traditional and non-traditional donors). Since 2007, indeed over the past 12 years, the international community has been claiming to have poured money into the coffers of the Somali army in the form of salaries and equipment. However, nothing tangible has been achieved thus far. As of today, 2019, there is no army capable of countering Al-Shabaab attacks on Maka Al-Mukaramah Road, let alone whole Mogadishu.

AMISOM forces do the job that the Somali public expected the Somali army to do which is to deal with Al-Shabaab. The AMISOM is financed by the European Union, facilitated by the United States and trained by the United Kingdom. Without AMISOM forces under the direct control of the international community, the Somalia government in Mogadishu (under the authority of incumbent regime of Farmaajo) cannot continue sitting at presidential palace (Villa Somalia) for no more than two hours after which Al-Shabaab’s Sheikh Ali Dheere would come and hold widely-pronounced press conference there, announcing to the whole world that they now have succeeded to demolish and destroy ‘the American, European and African infidels and their puppet government’. That’s it. Next will be the Talibanisation of the dysfunctional Somali state, a shocking development that would in turn apparently anger the international community, headed by the United States under the auspices of the United Nations.

By Mohamed HajiHIngiriis