Somali Intelligence Behind Terror Attacks on UN & US Assets in Somalia

written by David Goldman
October 14, 2019
(“Intelligence produced by regional experts and S.I unit confirm that Fahad Yassin the director of NISA is coordinating terrorist attacks targeting UN Staff, AMISOM & American Forces in Somali.”)

The recent political and terror/security related events in Somalia are quite interesting if not disturbing to region’s security officials and experts. Strategic Intelligence (S.I) followed up on these events for they are very telling, from a daring attempt to storm an American Military base to bombing the UN HQ in Somalia. Each of the event was claimed by Shabaab Mujahideen terrorist organization through statements issued by Al-Hijra media or the group’s media house in Somalia. Most important to note is that the geographical coordinates of the locations and their blueprints were provided to the terrorists by agents who directly report to Somali National Intelligence Agency, NISA Director. The security intelligence agency is currently under former Al-Qaeda offshoot top Amniyaat member, Fahad Yassin.

Targeting United Nations (UNSOS Staff) for Political Objectives

The mortar attack on Sunday 13th October targeting the United Nations Mission in Somalia Headquarters at Halane Military Complex has staffers worried about their mission in the restive country. According to UNSOS office at Halane, Mogadishu, a high profile visit to Southern Somalia by Director Lisa Filipetto was cancelled over security threats on the team and its director. Director Lisa Filipeto was to visit AMISOM Sector 2 HQ Monday. In Kismayu, she had scheduled to meet President Modobe of Jubbaland while in Dhobley, she’d have met AMISOM Sector 2 Commanders, largely Kenya Military Commanders.

This makes the Sunday attack bear a political insignia, thus classified as a disruptive terrorist attack. It is correct to relate it with the political unrest in the restive country and the maritime row with the Republic of Kenya. The attacks were intelligence led and largely precise, an unlikely aspect of Shabaab terror group disruptive operations, and an indicator of infiltration and compromising of high-value locations. The targeting of the Italian Army EUTM contingent was also intelligence led with NISA agents passing the EUTM mission itinerary to the terrorists for exploitation. Targeting Halane is also mean to escalate the already tense situation in the war torn country thus scare staffers and diplomats from engaging in sociopolitical activities.

S.I reports the mortar attack targeting the UN compound was planned by Somali intelligence agency and carried out by a team of the Al-Qaeda branch, Harakat Shabaab Mujahideen. The orders to conduct the attack were issued by NISA Director Fahad Yassin, a former terrorist. The attack was a disruptive terror attack meant to disrupt UNSOS team led by its Director Lisa Filipetto itinerary in Jubbaland, since her visit would have significantly bolstered President Modobe’s political stature and legitimacy. Foreign CT operators in Somalia working alongside NISA agents are likely to be compromised. United Nations Staff actively engaged in establishing sociopolitical networks could also be compromised by infiltrators working for NISA and subsequently get killed by Shabaab terror group.