General Muhoozi of UPDF sends a strong warning to Foreign and Internal enemies of Uganda

October 15, 2019 (AO) – the First son and Presidential Advisor for Special Operations Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba has warned whoever plans to mess with Uganda that they will have a bad day.

“I can assure whoever even thinks of messing with Uganda will get a very bad day. Long live UPDF! Long live Ugandan Special Forces!,” Muhoozi tweeted on Monday morning.

The tweet was attached by photos of the UPDF officers in the bush showcasing what they can do best.

The message has since generated a lot of mixed reactions from the public.

These are some of them

You’ve been watching a lot of Trump lately, afande

Is this message being sent to the citizens of Uganda or? Coz from the look of things, we the citizens are always treated like rebels. Any peaceful gathering and all of a sudden the army gets deployed like there’s an imminent attack from Al Shabaab

Afande, we have never doubted the capabilities of the UPDF; in fact, we respect and have a lot of pride from the UPDF. What you and the leadership should be more concerned about is the the social service delivery of this country. It leaves a lot to be desired! Long Live UPDF/SFC.

This is not the first time the first son writes such a message. The general last week on indepedence day, he made a similar warning. We are yet to ascertain the intended audience.

“Ugandan strong! I never used to believe it but Almighty God has made me a believer. Nobody can defeat Uganda! This is God’s country. Whoever dares will be crushed to dust! Ruhanga asiimwe.Happy Independence Day!God bless Uganda!!!” he tweeted on October 9, 2019.