Al-Shabaab Claims Credit for Attacking 3 NISA Agents in Waberi District of Mogadishu

October 18, 2019 (AO) –  The latest series of attacks on military bases and targeted killings of key government officials underlines the persistent threat posed by Al-Shabaab, the Al-Qaeda affiliate in East Africa.

Three people were shot and killed in Mogadishu Waberi district on Wednesday night. Corresponding reports from locals indicate that three men were shot by gunmen who immediately escaped from the scene.

Armed group al-Shabaab later claimed credit of the attack saying it killed three (3) NISA agents in Somalia capital of Mogadishu Wednesday night and seized three pistols from them. Local assets say the killing have took place near Baar ha Idhaafin in Waberi district.

Al-Shabaab has increased targeted killings on Somali government officials and their international organization partners.

Though Al-Shabaab has lost key strategic areas mainly in the Lower and Middle Shabelle regions and is thought to be in disarray due to the onslaught by AMISOM troops and other forces in Somalia, the persistent and frequent attacks indicate that it can still coordinate successful attacks.

Also, these frequent attacks demonstrate that the group’s insurgency in the capital Mogadishu and in southern Somalia is more resilient and flexible than had been anticipated, the terror outfit has shifted, morphed into a regional force, and exporting its sporadic terror activities to neighboring Kenya.