October 25, 2019 (AO) – Somalia’s president Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo urged the Russian president Vladamir Putin to join the war raging on in Somalia against Al-Shabaab ahead of the AMISOM withdrawal from the country which is due in 2021.

In a special meeting with Putin, Farmajo suggested that Russia join the international militaries taking part in the war against Al-Shabaab –which has been strengthening in the past few years as the group’s fighters steamrolled several AU and SNA military bases, killing hundreds of troops and spoiling arms and heavy military hardware.

The Russian president Vladamir Putin accepted to restore relations with Somalia nearly 40 years after it severed ties with country following the Somalia-Ethiopia war in 1977. Putin has not made tangible commitments to president Farmajo, however, the Somalia president continued to lobby an international support for the war against Al-Shabaab.

Russia is now known for the inhumane atrocities it committed against the Syrian people and its military used Syria as a test site for its hardware and missile capabilities.

Does president Farmajo want the same to happen in Somalia?

Somalia has already been devastated by civil war and an international intervention that ranged the country hollow, and yet the Somali government is still drawing international powers to wrestle in the already troubled nation which could further instigate agitation.

The incumbent president similarly urged Turkey and Eritrea to join forces in the war against Al-Shabaab, a request vehemently accepted by both governments which have not yet deployed sizeable number of troops to fight alongside AMISOM and SNA troops.

Somalia’s situation is now ever deteriorating with Al-Shabaab controlling large swathes of territories across the country and besieging the government and AMISOM controlled cities in South and Central Somalia. AMISOM’s mandate is now due to finish as its greatest financier, the EU is now facing an ever growing economic crisis, thus making it unable to sustain the burden of earmarking funds to such a futile mission that has not produced intended results.

The United States increased its leverage in the wrestle while Turkey has become a major ally of the Somali government; however, the presence of foreign troops in the country is merely worsening the humanitarian situation in the country.

A proxy and strategic war is ongoing in Somalia, fuelled by foreign powers having the intention of thwarting off any effort that Somalia could once again stand firm on its feet. The Somali government has also been blackmailed and has been forced to serve not the interest of its public, but the interests of the neighboring nations which the presence of their troops provided them with unlimited political leverage and hegemony over Somalia.

Source by: somaliguardian