Beledwayn floods: Tens of thousands of people in the midst of a humanitarian emergency

October 28, 2019 (AO)  – Tens of thousands of homes have been evacuated in Beledwayn town following a severe flooding as the Shabelle River in Somalia steeped to burst its banks, putting residents under a deteriorating humanitarian crisis as aid agencies have warned.

The town first flooded on Friday after more than a week of heavy rainfall, causing the river steeping to burst its banks.

Alarming reports are now coming from the city, an emergency situation shadowing the whole region as water levels are ever increasing, causing residents of other districts in Hiran, Middle Shabelle and Bay regions to flee.

The people displaced by the flooding are now residing on top of trees living akin to beasts and snakes, others who could not flee are living on top of the roofs of their houses as pictures taken from Beledwayn and other cities have shown.

Aid agencies and the Somali government have not yet made the needed response in the urgency of such a situation which is further deteriorating as the floods are spilling over to new districts and new regions.

Source by Somali Guardian