October 28, 2019 (AO) – United Nations special representative for children and armed conflict Virginia Gamba reproached the Somali defense minister for the usual conscription of children dispatched to conflict zones which amounts to a war crime under the international law.

The UN representative for children and armed conflict leading a high-profile delegation has arrived in Mogadishu, holding a meeting under closed-doors with the Somali minister of defense to discuss issues which included discontinuing the conscription of children deployed to war zones.

According to sources very close to the Somali defense ministry, the representative severely reproached the minister for the government’s neglect for children and their forceful conscription as soldiers used to wage wars.

The United Nations previously blamed the Somali government of conscripting children that constitute a significant percentage in the Somali armed forces –which amount to a war crime under the international law.

Somali government and its allies enlist children who are actively waged in hostilities; however, no government official has yet been brought accountable for such crimes perpetrated against humanity. Somalia has in the past three decades been a safe heaven for war criminals who are now serving at top posts in the cabinet, parliament and other government institutions.

Source by: somaliguardian.com