Somalia floods: Rescue operation  is underway as 10 people still messing, their names

October 29, 2019 (AO) – The rescue operation is underway in Beledweyn Town as the operation enters its second day, still ten   people messing when several accidents happened.

Almost 14 people rescued on Monday, one person’s corpse recovered this morning at outskirt of Beledweyn, he was named Sharif Hassan Ganey and was a businessman.

Among the Names of those messing are as follows;

1) Sharmarke Khalif Hassan, Beledweyn Municipality Secretary

2) Dahabo Axmed Hassan, Adviser of President Ware’s Women affairs,

3) Khaliif Hassan, Director of the Office of the Beledwey  mayor

4) Deeqow Abdi  Ariif , Director of Sanitation of the BeledweynCity

5) Gulled Ibraahim  IT officer of the Beledweyn Municipality

6) Abdi Keynan (Abdi kuus) Driver of Beledweyn Mayor

7-Moalim Nuur, Businessman

8) Ahmed Ali Osmaan (Ahmed Ganey) Businessman

9Mus’ab Husseen Muto, driver of the Capsized Boat

10) Higher School Student, which his name still unidentified.