Al-Shabaab takes over control of a Kenyan military base near Somali border


October 30, 2019 (AO) – Kenyan military base in Dajambula village alongside the frontier with Somalia has come under a heavy attack as locals have reported to Kenyan media outlets.

Al-Shabaab fighters attacked the military base in Dajabula and took over full of control of the bastion following a fight –which took more than an hour as one local resident confirmed to Somaliguardian.

Dajambula is just a few kilometers away from the Somali border town of Dhobley on the Kenyan side of the frontier and the cities near the area hosted frequent Al-Shabaab attacks targeting KDF and Kenyan police officers.

Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the night attack on Dajambula base, saying it has inflicted casualties upon the troops based in the area. The group added that their fighters briefly took over control of the base.

The Kenyan military has not yet discussed the details of the attack and yet the casualties of both warring sides have not been substantiated.