Mogadishu: Government offices shutdown, security tight amid Al-Shabaab attack fears


October 30, 2019 (AO) – Somalia’s government ordered to shut the offices near the National Theater in Mogadishu as employees have been forced to evacuate amid growing fears from potential Al-Shabaab attacks.

Police and presidential guards have been deployed to the streets near the National Theater which is under a tightened security. Checkpoints throughout the capital city, Mogadishu are enjoying heavy security personnel presence.

This move has come following a security warning issued from the presidential palace, but the government’s security institutions have not yet confirmed the fear of possible oncoming attacks to the public.

Mogadishu has already been under a tightened security with the specter of Al-Shabaab attacks taking place across the city. Mogadishu is the most populace city in Somalia, hosting more than 3.5 million residents and a booming regional business hub.

Source by somali guardian