Somali government troops seize control of two districts in central Somalia

November 03, 2019 (AO) – Somalia’s government troops have seized full control of Guri’el and Dhusamareb districts in Galgadud region of central Somalia as Ahlusunna militias withdrew to unknown whereabouts.

The Government troops have attacked Guri’el district in Galgadud region and following brief clashes, the government troops drove Ahlusunna militiamen out of the district which is located nearly 450kms North of the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Hours following Gur’el’s fall in the hands of government troops another important city and the region’s capital city, Dhusamareb have fallen too. Ahlusunna militiamen withdrew from the city and the government troops seized control of the city without any clashes.

High-ranking commanders leading the government troops now in control of Guri’el and Dhusamareb districts confirmed to media that the Somali interior minister gave the order for the full-scale operation which culminated in the capture of three major districts in Galgadud region of Somalia, previously controlled by Ahlsunna militiamen.

SNA troops took control of Mataban district Saturday following clashes with Ahlsunna militiamen who been forced out of the city.

The recent developments in the region are shaping the region’s geopolitical control and are removing a once existed major de-facto authority in the region whose existence lies beneath the mercy of the attacking SNA troops.