Riek Machar fears killed in cold-blooded murder by Kiir after forming TGONU

November 04, 2019 (AO) – South Sudanese leaders are now rolling the dice for one more time in an effort aimed to restore security in a country ranged hollow by conflict in the past few years.

Kiir and Machar are going to meet once again ahead of November 12 deadline- by which the two are supposed to form a transitional government of national unity.

The talks are bolstered by the UN Security Council, the European Union and the United States; however, regional powers and China have also vested interests in the widening conflict in South Sudan, exploiting the insecurity that disrupted the progress of the retarded nation.

The international community wants an agreement to be reached before the deadline to save the country from a constitutional crisis and the eminent risk of conflict which could deteriorate the conflict raging on in South Sudan.

Machar, the chief opposition leader fears for his life from his erstwhile guerrilla-war comrade, Kiir and wants the formation of the Transitional Government to be delayed by up to six months, arguing that Juba has not met the 2018 revitalized agreement on the resolution of conflict in South Sudan which include addressing fears for his personal security.

Machar remains in exile in Khartoum, enjoying the full protection and support of the Sudanese government.