State of Kuwait to host donor Conference on Somalia next year

November 04, 2019 (AO) – Kuwait has expressed its determination to hold a donor conference to back education in Somalia next year, Assistant Foreign Minister for International Organizations

Affairs Ambassador Nasser Al-Hayen said on Sunday.

Speaking before a ministerial meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Somalia, Al-Hayen affirmed Kuwait’s support to Somalia and keenness on coordinating and intensifying
efforts with brothers to maintain Somalia’s security and territorial integrity.

Through its non-permanent membership at the UN Security Council, Kuwait has spared nor effort in urging the international community for further efforts to back brotherly Somalian people,
he said.

This is based on the deep-rooted relations between Kuwait and Somalia, and the responsibility
of Kuwait towards defending both Arab and Islamic issues, Al-Hayen added.

Kuwait’s endeavors in this matter seek to alleviate the sufferings, and maintain stability, peace
and security within the framework of respecting the sovereignty of the countries in accordance with international laws and conventions, the ambassador noted. He pointed to progress made by the Somalian government in managing weapons and ammunition it received.

Somalia has suffered more due to the political sequences, deterioration and instability that hinder required development rates, Al-Hayen said.

He voiced satisfaction over remarkable progresses and achievements made in Somalia at all levels, urging the international community to continue providing political and material support to
create a proper environment supportive to the elected Somali government.

The Kuwaiti diplomat stressed his country’s backing to the resolutions supporting Somalia’s
security, safety and territorial integrity in all international forums.

He commended Qatar’s efforts on supporting building the central state in Somalia to ensure security and stability, and improve the economic and development environment, and infrastructure.

He also lauded Qatar’s effective response to the humanitarian and development needs of Somalia’s people.

Al-Hayen voiced his appreciations to the international efforts aiming to achieve peace and stability in Somalia, and satisfaction over achievements and major reforms made in the political,
security and economic sectors in Somalia.

He hoped that this progress would continue to face challenges through strengthening partnership between Somalia and the international community.

Source by: KUNA News