Al Shabaab leader appears in a video dispatching US military base attackers

November 05, 2019 (Awdinle Online) – In a video released by Al-Shabaab’s Kataib media showed the group’s leader providing a sermon to Bellidoogle US base attackers shortly before the operation.

Abu Ubeyda, Al-Shabaab leader whose face was not shown in the footage speaking to fighters assigned with the US base attack exhorted them to do their best in fighting to death against the Americans in retaliation for hundreds of Somalis and other Muslims killed.

Al-Shabaab leader sitting in front of approximately 8-10 fighters wearing good looking military uniforms while lightly armed –reiterated that the US innocently killed hundreds of Somalis and other Muslims throughout the world and that the Bellidoogle operation was in retaliation for the aggressions.

After the farewell sermon, fighters were shown in the video embracing each other and saying goodbye words to one another.

Al-Shabaab earlier claimed responsibility for a heavy attack on AFRICOM’s second largest base in Africa, Bellidoogle airstrip where more than a hundred US troops had been killed according to an Al-Shabaab statement.