Puntland MPs overwhelmingly vote to remove speaker out of office

November 07, 2019 (Awdinle Online) – MPs in Puntland have voted to remove the state assembly speaker from office in a vote cast Thursday morning.

Out of the 53 MPs present, 49 of them voted in favour of the motion to send home Abdihakim Mohamed Ahmed Dhoobo Daareed who has been at odds with state president Abdullahi Dani.

According to an announcement at the floor of the house, 4 lawmakers abstained from the vote delivering a blow to the embattled lawmaker. Daareed was elected to office January 4, 2019.

The development came amid heavy security presence at the parliament compound following a clash Monday between presidential guard and security team guarding the assembly.

Three people among them two security forces and a civilian were killed in the Wednesday evening gunfight.

Puntland parliament has been rocked by disputes in the last one month since it convened for the 45th session.

An MP who questioned Dani’s performance in office survived prosecution last week after the MPs voted against a request by State Attorney General to lift his immunity.