Campaign Preparation and Brewing Conflict Between the Best Duo at Villa Somalia

Every friendship comes to an end — a phrase no one thought would be true for the best duo — President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Kheyre. The Somali people did not expect Farmajo to win the presidential election in early 2017. When he did, it came as a shock to everyone.

However, Farmajo shocked the Somali people once again when he announced Kheyre as his Prime Minister. Kheyre, who always chose to maintain a low-profile, soon rose to prominence in his position as Prime Minister and made a permanent place in the Somali people’s hearts and earned the trust of the international community.

However, their tightknit partnership started to show signs of cracks, which became bigger over time and difficult to conceal from the public. Turning into a full-blown conflict, visible to the Somalis who had become accustomed to administrations changing prime ministers and cabinet ministers almost every year, this also came as a shock to them.

One thing the duo has remained consistent in is giving surprises to the people they are representing. With their relationship declining, rumors began to swirl about the underlying issue causing a rift between these two esteemed leaders.

Since no issue remains hidden for long, it became clear that the basis of the conflict is the next 2021 election. The conflict seems only to worsen as we inch closer to the next election. Even though these two potential candidates have been trying to display a friendly image to the public, their bitter political rivalry is increasing with each passing day.

Since no one can masquerade with a smile for the Somali people for long, their efforts at hiding their struggle to get along have failed. People have assumed that Kheyre, who may plan to run in the 2021 election, strongly opposes the idea of Farmajo running for a second term.

Kheyre, if he runs, has a strong chance of winning because his political rhetorical speeches remind several Somalis of the historical campaign speeches of the former Education Minister of Puntland, Ali Warsame, who the former President of Puntland, Abdiweli Gas, removed from his position.

Will the story repeat itself? Some Somalis seem to think so. They believe that Farmajo and Kheyre are in the same boat with the MPS watching a repeat telecast of the same events slowly unfolding before their eyes.

Will Kheyre be declared the winner in this conflict? Kheyre developed a good relationship with the international community, his cabinet members and the members of the parliament, and some of the regional state leaders during his term.

According to an anonymous source, “We know who can lead the country tomorrow in the right direction. This government does not have power yet on the ground and doesn’t even control all the capital city — let alone another city.”

The conflict between Farmajo and Kheyre is ongoing and playing before the Somali people with the end yet to come.

Mohamud Farah (Dulyadeyn)