Why Rwanda is unhappy with Uganda

President Paul Kagame has criticised Uganda for failing to organise a second bilateral meeting to discuss and resolve problems that have frozen movement of people and goods across their borders.

Mr Kagame told a press conference last Friday that whereas Kigali had successfully organised a bilateral meeting in August, Kampala had failed to do the same as agreed.

“The meeting in Kigali went well and there was supposed to be a meeting 30 days after that in Kampala but it did not happen. I am not fully knowledgeable about why it did not happen but after the October 16, we learnt that another date had been set.”

“The official communication suggested November 13. Then we got another indication it may be moved to November 18,” he added.

President Kagame said tension between their countries is due to Uganda’s support for Rwandan rebels and the detention without trial of Rwandans in Uganda.

“One reason for their arrest is that they were in Uganda illegally, or that they were spies. Some were arrested because they refused to join these (rebel) groups. So those recruiting them (in Uganda) said, OK, you refused to join because you are an agent of Rwanda government,” he said.

The border has been closed since late February, and Rwanda stopped its citizens crossing into Uganda and restricted the entry of Ugandan goods.

Sunday November 10, 2019