Puntland Regional Parliament Elected Abdirashid Jibril as New Speaker

November 14, 2019 (AO) – Puntland parliament Thursday elected Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril as the new speaker following the ouster of immediate former office holder Abdihakim Ahmed Dhoobo Daareed.

Jibril received a majority vote in the second-round garnering 46 votes out of the 63 members present. His opponent Abdi Jamaal Osman trailed with only 17 votes.

Jibril replaced Dhoobo who was removed from office in a majority vote last week following weeks of disagreements with a faction allied to state president Abdullahi Dani.

The new speaker previously served as director in the state ministry of information and was elected to parliament during the January 2019 elections to represent Badhan in Sanaag region.

He is expected to be sworn in shorty.