Southwest State assembly of Somalia to Elected new Speaker

April 01, 2020 (Awdinle Online) – members of Southwest state regional parliament are scheduled to elect the speaker and deputy of the assembly on Wednesday.

All preparations were put in place to ensure the voting process by 95 members of the regional parliament for house leadership.

Five candidates declared their interest in the two positions.

The candidates vying for the positions of Southwest parliament speaker and deputy speaker displayed their political agendas to the members of the regional assembly on Tuesday.

Two MPs vying for speaker namely Hon. Mohamed Abdirahim Nur and Hon. Ali Saed Faqi who faced the MPs during the first half of the session displayed a wide range of agendas touching security, organization of parliamentary procedures and welfare of the lawmakers among others.

Also, during the second half of the session, Hon. Amina Isak Mohamed, Hon. Mohamednur Mohamed Moalim and Hon. Shamso Mohamed Yarow contesting for deputy speaker faced the members of the parliament and displayed their political agendas.

The members of the Southwest state parliament will elect the leadership of the regional assembly in a vote scheduled today.